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My Background

I have been passionate about nutritious food and good health all my life. In 1995 I graduated as a pharmacist and back then I realised that good food truly is the best medicine. I went on to complete my Masters in Nutrition Science in 2007.

I have worked in the health industry since 2007, working as a nutritional adviser for Planet Organic and General Nutrition Centre (GNC) as well as running my own private practice.

After a while of having my practice, it became clear that some of my clients, even when they knew what to eat (which a lot of them do) they were still not losing weight! Something was still missing! In 2012 I qualified as a NLP practitioner, a form of motivational coaching. This form of coaching creates the right mental attitude, breaks bad habits we build-in and when combine with the right food choices, the weight problem with most clients was solved. Hence came the name for my company ‘Nutrition in Mind’. Since then my practice and experience have grown while my clients have shrunk.

I now specialise in helping people lose weight by intermittent fasting using motivational coaching to help them lose the weight and to keep it off for ever more.

Intermittent fasting meaning eating bit less and not eating nothing, that’s called starvation! I dare to say, as a nation, the majority of us simply eat too much! Research have also found that majority of us will put on a stone per decade, which is not that surprising if we see people around us – aunty, uncle, or even our parents. To stop us from piling on the weight, I am a great advocate and supporter of intermittent fasting (eating less, few times a week) which has proven to (my clients and me) be the easiest way to reduce our calorie intake and keep fit for life.

Past and present projects

Nutritional editor for Local Mums Online group – where I regularly publish articles and recipes for their several thousand members, through where I encourage healthy habits and practical ways to stay fit and healthy.

Nutritional consultant for the Lemon Detox (Madal Bal®) detoxing product for the Pure Natural Products company. I am a true believer of detoxing our bodies once or twice a year, so the body can have a break and rejuvenate itself to perform at its best. There is too much environmental pollution, processed foods and other stressors that affect us on so many levels that we are not even aware of, so detoxing, which has been used for centuries in many cultures, is a great way to restore balance to our body and mind.

Lorisian® Food Intolerance Testing – accredited Lorisian® practitioner. Please click here to see more on food intolerance testing options.

Workplace Wellness – Weekly Weigh in nutritional coaching sessions, to businesses, schools etc. Workplace absence is costing the UK economy £18 billion a year and keeping our work force healthy and fit is important. I see/visit groups of people up to 20 on a weekly bases, where I check their body measurements (weight, BMI, percentage of fat, percentage of muscles, percentage of visceral fat, RM and blood pressure), answering any of their nutrition questions and extant different health topics weekly. Please click here to see more on Workplace Wellness for your office.

In 2016 I worked with my local council on a healthy eating on a budget project

I have given radio interviews and written articles on intermittent fasting.

Check out my nutrition packages to see how I can best help you, or call me for a free no obligation chat to find out whether Nutrition in Mind can help you.

– Angelika

I am fully insured and a member of The British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) www.bant.org.uk. as well as being registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

BANT is the professional body for Registered Nutritional Therapists. All BANT members are fully trained to understand the theory of nutritional therapy and accomplish skill in clinical practice. They also must demonstrate continual professional development so clients can be assured BANT practitioners have up-to-date knowledge.

CNHC is the national voluntary regulator for qualified complementary healthcare practitioners. This is an accredited register approved by the Professional Standards Authority, an independent government-appointed body. All practitioners on the CNHC register meet the national standards of practice in their work and abide by a Code of Conduct, Performance and Ethics.